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OXYS products are mainly designed for water and sewage system companies as well as companies operating on the water and wastewater market. The scope of their work is very wide so they find the use both in big industry companies and in small households. We make individual solutions focused on the needs of our Customers. The experience and involvement of our team guarantee the constant development and improvement of technologies. We provide full professionalism and high level of engagement in realization of all projects realized by our firm. OXYS is specialised also in anti-odor carbon filters, which are mainly used in various kinds of sewage system odors, including inspection chabers, sewage pumping stations and septic tanks. The main function of anti-odor carbon filters OXYS is minimising the effects of chemicals (odorful and odorless) coming from sewage systems. Safe, quick and user friendly installation and service anti-odor carbon filters OXYS enable aquiring high living standard regardless sewage systems in the neighbourhood, sewage pumping stations and septic tanks. ANTI-ODOR CARBON OXYS neutralise the sewage system odors right after their installation. There is impregnated activated carbon BA KI 4 used in anti-odor carbon filters. The carbon-based material is converted to activated carbon by thermal decomposition in a furnace using a controlled atmosphere and heat. The resultant product has an incredibly large surface area per unit volume, and a network of submicroscopic pores where adsorption takes place.The walls of the pores provide the surface layer molecules essential for adsorption. Amazingly, one pound of carbon (a quart container) provides a surface area equivalent to six football fields. Its surface is modified by potassium iodide. It has high adsorption capacity, very good mechanical strength and sorption capacity.


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