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Blue Agriculture

A new system of agricultural sustainable production for water preservation and agriculture soil safety. It compound sustainability and productivity. Blue agriculture is innovative, respectful, in a word: sweet. A rational model of sustainable and competitive production, fully compatible with the agricultural system because it is based on three fundamental principles:

the permanent soil cover by crop residues for at least 30% of the surface;

direct seeding or minimum tillage, no inversion of the layers;

the crop rotation.

This model was defined by the FAO a "system of sustainable agricultural production for the protection of water and arable soil".

The model facilitates the integration of Blue Agriculture fundamental principles, as well as to promote optimal conditions for root development and function, regulates and increases the supply of water and nutrients for plants grown determines other benefits: increased proportion of infiltration, water retention and soil organic matter, improved soil structure, lower mechanical costs, lower labor force, or rather, it allows a more regular availability of ground water in the course of the year, a marked improvement of the productive capacity of the soil and of crops, erosion reduction and, therefore, the pollution of surface waters.

The own principles of Blue Agriculture have already been taken at Community level: it is time to make them applicable and disseminated at the national level from the regional scale, through measures of the Rural Development Program dedicated to these new opportunities. The urgency of environmental issues and international policies for the preservation of our ecosystem are closely related to information technology and scientific research in the primary sector. What is needed immediately is a radical change of thinking through training and re-training of the operators, but also a broader strategic vision of policy makers. The Blue Agriculture is agriculture of the future, one that we all hope and want, more environmentally friendly, innovative and able to provide satisfactory results.

The rediscovery ecological

The agriculture in the next decade will be sustainable and will be the real test for farms. The effects of the so-called blue agriculture are based on a set of techniques for working the land with minimal environmental impact is an awareness of a significant economic advantage over bet on this type of agriculture in Italy. This is particularly urgent at a time when both the institutions and the citizens are asking farmers to productions made a strong commitment to respect the environment and natural cycles. "

The Blue Agriculture is a conservative agriculture, innovative, environmentally friendly, in a word, is sweet agriculture. This innovative method of farming practices is based on modern techniques and sophisticated with the help of machines and methodologies. The benefits that derive from these machines, mostly tractors innovative drills of various kinds, cultivators, harrows, tractors. All designed to operate according to the instructions for conservation agriculture, namely the Blue Agriculture Their use, due to the latest technology, involves less risk for soil erosion and compaction, and the consequent reduction of costs management on the part of the entrepreneur.

With “Blue Agriculture” you get a more efficient use of the workforce in the plots, and protecting the environment and maintaining a good level of fertility in the soil.

The Blue Agriculture is the agriculture of the future, one that we all hope and want, more environmentally friendly, innovative and able to provide satisfactory results.

The future of agriculture is Blue.

Angeloni and Blue Agriculture

Angeloni srl offers a range of products developed and tested according to the new needs of a modern conservation agriculture in the name of cost reduction: FUEL / PROCESSING, and land conservation.